These Days: Tuesday, March 7th, 2017

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Growin’ Old: As a twenty something the bright side of being the least attractive guy in a room was evident to me, eben then. I was less worried about losing my looks when I grew old. And so it has turned out to be, and this became clearer at the David Cassidy farewell performance last Saturday (my review here), where the once ambisexual gorgeousness that was Keith Partridge: lush hair, thin, sweet and sour everyboy as Narcissist, had devolved into a somewhat bitter and somewhat haggard 67 year old.  Love or hate David Cassidy, it was aging brought right up to your nose, as he detailed his ailments in a constant zigzag between self-pity and self-reliance. His estranged third wife wasn’t there. His daughter wasn’t there. His son wasn’t there. We were his finishing family and even we weren’t all there. One last time, he battled through himself to reach the other side and took us with him, but it was both an act of the will and unbearably sorrowful.  Where were his brothers? Where were his Partridge extended family?   Cassidy felt alone on the stage even with a backing band. There is something so inevitable and such a payback for everything that came during the first 30 years of his life.It feels like a tragedy, it felt like a tragedy. I know it happens to us all, I knew it would happen to David, but it makes me sad anyway.

Concerts: I got a ticket to Depeche Mode on September 9th at MSG. I can’t say I’m a fan and have yet to see them live on stage so let’s take a wait and see position..

Old: So I went back to listening to Depeche Mode and these guys depress the hell outta me. I guess “Personal Jesus” is pretty good… I guess… Listening to Ultimate Prince, you could call it ground zero for the Warner Brothers years. My other big album yesterday was Late For The Sky, the Jackson Browne album to beat.

New: Both Future albums are increasingly good the more I listen to em, and Ed Sheeran is simply a masterpiece, I don’t hear one bad song on it and I also hear plenty of great ones. The new alt-j single is terrific, according to NME “hey somehow combine Massive Attack-style electronic instrumentation, choir chants, strings from the London Metropolitan Orchestra and guest vocals from Wolf Alice’s Ellie Rowsell.” After a bad performance at a festival I disliked the band, then after a great performance I loved em, and now I love em still. Grade: B+

Theatre: March 2018, Lincoln Center promises us a revival of “My Fair Lady”. Directed by Bartlett Sher -he was behind their tremendous productions of “South Pacific” and “The King And I,” the last time it showed on Broadway was 25 years ago with Richard Chamberlain in the Rex Harrison role. Yeah, I know. So this should be the biggest attempt at a restaging since, why, since 1957.

Immigration: NYT:  “The new order continued to impose a 90-day ban on travelers, but it removed Iraq, a redaction requested by Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, who feared it would hamper coordination to defeat the Islamic State, according to administration officials. It also exempts permanent residents and current visa holders, and drops language offering preferential status to persecuted religious minorities, a provision widely interpreted as favoring other religious groups over Muslims. In addition, it reversed an indefinite ban on refugees from Syria, replacing it with a 120-day freeze that requires review and renewal.”

Death: TCM host, the terrific Robert Osborne whose fountain of knowledge made the old movies that much more enjoyable, passed at the age of 84. He introduced over a dozen movies a week.


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