These Days: Tuesday, May 16th, 2017

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Literature: In nostalgia mode today, I’ve been discussing P.G. Wodehouse with my big sister, a writer of such humor and strength, such a clear vision of Great Britain, more than capable of writing about the nobility without an ounce of class hatred. He lived about 95 years and died in 1975 and the world is much much worse for it. People can’t do what he did, we live in a cruder age now, somewhere along the way we lost our manners. The older I get the more I’ll take hypocrisy over crudeness.

New Music: U2 have done very very few songs worth listening to in  the 21st Century, exceedingly little. They keep on claiming not to be an oldies act and they keep on being an oldies act. Touring behind a 30 year old album is, at the very least, an indication. But their newest song, “The Little Things That Give You Away” -which while way too self important for what it is, it has the right DNA for this very moment: a fragile tune that can’t quite anchor the song, and a strong bridge (though the bridge to the bridge -three notes, is a bummer), while the song itself keeps on treading on you as minor key as they can manage while they throw in touches that over arrange it all the way through. So not great, but not bad. Grade: B

Old Music: I’ve been on a WW1 kick for the past couple of days. “Oh! It’s A Lovely War” is a mix of patriotism and also a sort of satire “who wouldn’t be a soldier, eh? Oh it’s a shame to take the pay…”. Listening to these early 20th century songs (knocking on a hundred years old), there is a superior sense of melody and construction and an archaic instrumental, a purity to the vision.Of course, we are listening to the cream of the material now so it isn’t a level playing feel though when you think of the millions of young British working class men being slaughtered you can hear the Victorian age disappear into the far distance. Yes, the Queen had died in 1876 but it wasn’t over yet the same the FDR age wouldn’t end till 1980.

2020: The question on everyone’s lips is will the GOP run someone against Trump or have they learnt the lesson. And is their any fresh blood anywhere among the Dems.

Sports: For The Mets, 8 games behind the Nats and 5 games under .500, what they need to do is get to .500 by the halfway point, in a coupla months, and then make a move as  the DL bound players return to the fold.

Television: The death of Erin Moran took me right back to “Happy Days” -I’ve been watching Season Three with a certain joy at the King Of Cool

Death: Cancer doesn’t care, Brad Grey  former Chairman of Paramount Pictures dead at 59. Mazzy Star Drummer Keith Mitchell Dead


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  1. Robert Nevin

    I just sent Darcee all four seasons of “Jeeves and Wooster” and my copy of “Right Ho, Jeeves!” , still the funniest book I’ve ever read. I’m with you, our lad. Crudeness is too often the currency of social interaction these days, especially online. I’m not sure I’d take hypocrisy in its stead, though. I’d settle for polite cynicism.


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