These Days: Tuesday, May 2nd, 2017

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POTUS: Trump has extended a welcome to  Kim Jong-un, and the Philippine president, Rodrigo Duterte (who said he might be “too busy.”). I know, but I see no problem with the entire concept of speaking to these dictators. Despite the fear of legitimizing the monstrous, what is the sense of not speaking to them? Why is China doing our diplomacy. If they say no, well, at least the effort was made. Good for Trump, this is the plus side of having a President with no moral high ground to reach for.

Politics: Andrew Cuomo is circling a run for the Presidency, now Hillary Clinton is out of the way. His father Mario could have and didn’t run in 1992, but Andrew looks like he will take the plunge. If he wins in 2020, it will make POTUS I’ve met and didn’t like. I’ve actually never met a politician I’ve liked particularly (maybe I’m a misanthrope but I can’t think of that many musicians I like -but I digress). Anyway, as somebody on Quora noted, the difference between Mario and Andrew is personal charm. Andrew has zero. Still, he’d make an interesting fir after Trump, he could see if it is possible to undo four years of mismanagement in 100 days via executive order.

Executive Order: Obama was addicted to it and it is destroying his legacy and Trump is doing the same with much less reason. It is the three pointer of politics, you live by it and you die by it. But don’t fool yourself, it isn’t governing.

Sports: Yanks are falling to Earth with the turn of the calendar, 1 – 2 over their last three games. The Mets are happy to be done with the Mets and despite injuries galore beat Atlanta. I am going to the Rangers first game of the semi finals tonight, and really need a win tonight.

New Music: The Apple country playlist is not up to much. The usual heroes and zeroes though, I admit, people I might not much like on record, Brett Eldredge, Brett Young, Eric Church, I vastly prefer after seeing them on stage. Even so, the material is all second rate.

Oldies: I made a playlist inside the Van Morrison Bang  complete, and it sounds even better than it did. That third album is less fun than I thought at first, and I gave it an A+ a coupla days ago but think it is more like an A.

Theatre: Marla Mase’s “The Pill” is another step closer to commercial theatre with a private performance. I bet if you ask her on Facebook she will try and get you in. My review (here) was very positive.

Television: Bill Shine out at Fox News? Why? Because Fox is trying to buy Sky Cable in the UK.

Death: William M. Hoffman, Who Wrote the Pioneering AIDS Play ‘As Is,’ Dies at 78

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  1. Dick Destiny

    >>Good for Trump, this is the plus side of having a President with no moral high ground to reach for.

    Well put. In general we’ve never had any problem visiting or welcoming fiends of various nations. Trump just rips the pretense off.

    As for Cuomo, another exercise in the Democratic Party’s mental illness and inability too see there’s no way Trump’s white America, which is to say most of white America by far would give him any less a stiff arm than it had for HRC. Really, he thinks he can win in the center of Pennsy, say, or any place in the heartland without a big liberal arts college? He lives in a bubble.


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