These Days: Tuesday, May 30th, 2017

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Rainy Days And Tuesdays: Is there anything more depressing than  the Tuesday after Memorial Day, an uneventful long weekend at the opening start of the summer, but it is cool and rainy, and dreary, and work is busy and long and there is a disaster looming just over there. Plus Governors Ball is certainly worth looking forward to in principle but it is gonna be a rainy Gov Ball AGAIN…  Ands it won’t stop raining, to quote Shakespeare: the rain, it rains every day.


Old Music: Which makes it a good morning to put on Carpenters: The Singles 1969 – 1973. Four years of AM staples and soft rock glory, that lives on here at least. Richard was the brains, Karen had the voice, and the songs are mellow masterpieces so intensely felt they are true artistry, they are bigger than however big you think they are. It gives me what we used to call the blues. That “Ticket To Ride” is perfection.

New Music: Usually, I get a second wind by now but not this week. Lil Yachty quite literally rules my world with David Banner taking up the rear. Yes, hip hop is here to stay, it will never die.

Retirement:  There will come a time when it won’t matter, though after 30 years at the same advertising agency, it is exceedingly hard to imagine. If all goes well, I have thirteen more years of hard work before I hit the road and start the drift into nothingness. The longer I live the more meaningless it all feels. Sometimes I regret not having a family of my own… sometimes. It could go either way and I really don’t think I would gain much by being remembered and that’s the only real purpose left for me. Really, I wouldn’t gain anything. And yet…

Sports: Tiger Woods nabbed on a  DUI at 3am in morning. Claims it was not alcohol but a bad mix of medicine.

More Sports: Yanks loss, Mets won, Yanks are in first, Yanks are 8.5 games out of first.

Concerts: A busy week, The 1975 on Thursday, Governors Ball Friday and Saturday, The Weeknd on Sunday. That should keep me out of trouble.

Death: NYT: “Manuel Noriega, who died at 83, was known for drug ties and double-dealing with Washington. He was unseated in 1989 in what was then the largest U.S. military action since Vietnam.”. Remember that one? War by photo opportunity. It was the US’s fault, not unlike Saddam Hussein, they kept giving mixed signals.

The Tonys: How big is “Hello, Dolly!”? Bette Midler won’t be performing at the Tony’s. That means, they don’t need any Box Office hit from the televised award show, and that means that it is sold out till January when Bette leaves the show.

Theatre: So who will replace Bette as Dolly in January. I had the best rumor ever: Nathan Lane. That would do it and I really can’t think of anyone else, except for Barbra Streisand who will not be doing it, that can save them from packing up and leaving… Anyone at all?



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