These Days: Wednesday, April 19th, 2017

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Streaming: And so now Pandora attempt to make a dent in the saturated all you can eat world of streaming.Pandora is promising a more personalized music experience, which makes sense given its radio roots where it chooses the songs to follow you about like a two year old girl tugging on her daddy’s pants. This is their big opportunity but I don’t see how it can do anything but crater like Deezer. There just isn’t enough to differentiate it. The new ad campaign, with 18 artists choosing albums that influenced them, is pretty good but is it enough? One thing is for sure, they are doing something Spotify and Apple Music (and Tidal and Deezer) never did: it is taking advertising seriously.

The Return Of The Tough Guy: From Turkey to France to the US itself, the standard bearer of political power wasn’t Obama but Putin, Obama came and went and nothing changed, but Putin with his strong arm, rattlesnake hissing, greedy, thieving, people hating, assassination government style, spying, blackmailing,. On top of it all is that orange orangutan, a man so pathetic he gave his Generals the right to attack Syria without, forget Congress, his own permission. Also, if Trump thinks I don’t think he isn’t still in bed with Putin, he is greatly mistaken… “Ah, that little farce you played with Russia. You think that would fool a Lababedi?”The piece of slime sees the Presidency as a business opportunity, while his daughter gets approval for 3 patents in China before meeting with  the Chinese President. They’re as bad as each: heads down, no nonsense criminals. These guys are dangerous -really dangerous.

Old Music: I spent yesterday morning on a steady diet of Junior MAFIA, I should get to Ultimate today, and have Elvis (Fool) up and ready… and Give My Regards To Broad Street right next to it.

New Music: My taste this year has found me deeper into trap and further away from main street art-rap. Lil Uzi Vert, Lil Yachty, Cali’s KYLE. Also, I’ve got a feeling the new Girlpool is gonna be major.

Sports: Rangers even up the series 2 – 2 against the Canadiens… Yanks lose as the bats go cold and everybody takes a gander at the Mets. They lost when Reyes blew a routine pop up and sent the game to extra innings. The Mets are at .500.



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