These Days: Wednesday, April 26th, 2017

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Theatre: Farce is the hardest art form of them all, one part slapstick, two parts comedy, it is an intricate and very delicate series of doors opening and closing and Noel Coward is a past master and Kevin Kline is a fine stand in but Coward’s “Present Laughter” misses. The acting is fine, but it is a little bit of a struggle and a little bit of a bore. It is both close and too far away because some of its sharpness is dissipated by time and the rest is lost in just a couple of seconds while it doesn’t quite buy in. An inside baseball theatrical hi-jinx, it should slam you hard and not let you breathe, certainly the play’s construction is brilliant, but it doesn’t have the St. James rocking and it misses its laughs more often than it gains the,  Grade: B

New Music: With another month on the horizon, I’ve been giving my favorite singles of the year so far a whirl. Chuck Berry sounds awesome. Beth Ditto makes an exciting debut with “Fire” and Bailey Bryan’s “Own It” is a major piece of modern pop.

Old Music: I put together a Kendrick Lamar playlist based upon his Coachella gig last week. People think I don’t like Lamar, I like him fine, and if he had an album as consistently great as “The Blacker The Berry” I would join the multitudes, but despite his popularity (best album and single), I don’t hear him that much.

Sports: Both the Mets and the Yanks rained out.

More Sports: Waiting for next Tuesday with bated breath! Let’s go Rangers… eight more wins!!!

Winning: A Judge in Cali has put a hold on Trump punishing Sanctuary States.

More Winning: Trump is putting a hold on the great wall of Mexico. Here’s an idea: why don’t they sell advertising on it?

Television: John Oliver did a professional hit job on devil’s spawn Ivanka Trump and her spooky husband Jared Kushner. Pne titbit, the genius Kushner got into Harvard after his father gave em a $2.5M donation. This half wit has a portfolio FDR would have a headache dealing with singlehandedly .



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