These Days: Wednesday, August 19th, 2015

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Recorded: With Taylor Swift on my mind this morning, I’ve been listening to her 1989 live boot and I hadn’t realized at the time but the woman has gotten to the point where she simply talks too much. Being taught life lessons by Taylor Swift is the moral equivalent of learning about humility from Donald Trump. Having said that, it is Wednesday and I am ready for another set of new recordings.

Live: Getting seriously ready for two gigs: AC/DC and Earl Sweatshirt -as for Greg Allman -let’s wait till we make the trip to Jones Beach which really couldn’t be further away… and for Greg? If I want a snooze , I have a couch and yet…

News: In the world of the terrible,Sergeant Alberto Randazzo, 38, of the NYPD met a 52 year old Grandmother on Ashley Madison, who molested her eleven year old Grandson on Skype. A concept so completely bizarre it is almost hard to fathom. The sentence is a mandatory 15 years if convicted.

Sports: When I went to sleep, the Yanks were losing 1- 3 to the Twins, woke up to find A Rod had powered a win for em. Maybe it is time to take these guys seriously.

Presidency: The older you get the younger everybody older than you looks -Happy Birthday President Bill Clinton, a perky 69 years old.

Iran: Senator Robert Menendez, apparently he wants a better deal as well.


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