These Days: Wednesday, February 1st, 2017

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Governors Ball: Friday is the one, the rest of the festival pales in comparison: that one two punch at the top of Friday can’t be replicated: Lorde followed by Chance The Rapper should shake and rattle you through the end of a day that includes Bleachers, Danny Brown, Tove Lo and Schoolboy Q.

Death: Veteran musician and progger bassist for King Crimson and  John Wetton passes at 67, Black Sabbath keyboardist Geoff Nichols dead at 69. It is time to realize that if you followed pop music in the 60s, you are watching the start of closing time for a generation of musicians. Every single one of the best musicians will die, the only question is if we will be around to mour. All are punished.

Trump Bans Muslims: My family was coming to visit me this summer, they cancelled because my nephew-in-law, while a British citizen, was born in Syria.

New Music: Bob Dylan is releasing a triple album of American Songbook covers, to go along with his last two albums, called Triplicate. The first single. “I Could Have Told You” finds Dylan’s singing and phrasing improving. It sounds like he is saying “too find someone else to fuck with!”.

Old Music: For no reason I can figure, I can figure, I’ve been listening to Abba Gold, and following it with Old 97’s “Big Brown eyes” but I understand the latter, Julia Michael’s “Issues” is my new jam sand so naturally I thought of Rhett singing “I’ve got issues like I miss you”.

That Was The Month That Was: January 2017 was the worst start of a year I can remember. I was physically ill, the Government lost its mind, I’m astonishingly busy at work, recordings were astoundingly weak, concerts were very weak, it was freezing cold, and it was topped off by one of my best friends threatening to kill herself.



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