These Days: Wednesday, February 22nd, 2017

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Old Music: Nancy Sinatra’s “Sugar Town” has been playing over in my mind (Grade: A+) The Nitecaps’ Jahn Xavier had this to say: “Another great Lee Hazlewood production, so tight and crisp, with beautiful little details. Great arrangement, too. The horns are two trombones and an occasional trumpet.”

New Music: I finally got to hear the entire new Rhiannon Giddens’ album Freedom’s Highway (see below) and it is one of the best albums of the year so far and still a little disappointing. Perhaps it couldn’t have lived up to my expectations which were simply too high. But, as Ann Powers’ put it on NPR,  these songs are “excavating lost histories and preserving the crucial texts that form the people’s secular gospel,” and he who doesn’t learn from history… A beautiful collection of songs, maybe one more song as strong “At The Purchasers Option”… it may grow on me… Grade: A-

New Video: The new video for Tomas Doncker’s “Some Ol’ Dolls” (the song Grade: A), is one of the most thrilling things you’ll ever see. One part political aggression, two parts nightmare vaudeville, it isn’t out yet but, as directed by Dylan Greenberg, it is a frightening metaphor for Black Life in America. Grade: A+

POTUS: So millions of undocumented residents will be shipped up and shipped out. I know it makes no sense to anyone but if you want to stem illegal immigration use the jobs they’re taking. Of course you won’t, but even so…. Try this, make a path immediately for illegals, provide easy access to working visas for Mexicans, stop demonizing 2 billion muslims… Immigration isn’t simply a good idea for the U, immigrants are the US. According to NYT: “The last time the United States carried out mass deportations was when President Dwight D. Eisenhower authorized military-style roundups to expel hundreds of thousands of Mexicans in 1954…”

Stockholm Syndrome: “STOCKHOLM — Residents in a northwestern suburb predominantly inhabited by immigrants have clashed with police officers, two days after President Trump unleashed a vague but pointed critique of Sweden’s migration policies.”

The Media: “Milo Yiannopoulos’s downfall this week — including his resignation as a senior editor at Breitbart News — was a sign that in today’s political culture, some limits remain.” The slimy, idiot provocateur condoned same sex between men and boys as young as thirteen years of age. Why on earth would he do that? Because he is a gay malpracticing Catholic supporting priests.

Death: The bull that escaped from a slaughterhouse and was caught and sedated on the streets of Jamaica died. Apparently, they OD’d him. That is really a heartbreaker, if you have the guts to escape from your terrible and short life, you should have the right to sanctuary.



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