These Days: Wednesday, February 8th, 2017

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A Tales Of Two Newspapers: I read two papers on a daily basis, the conservative New York Post and the democrat New York Times. In the past I’ve figured it gives me a clearer vision of where the country is going  but in 2017 the Post is a Trump apologists. It is a great paper, very lively, extremely intelligent, but it is now stuck defending the exceptional and the scary. This starts showing huge rifts in their reporting. Where is the mea culpa to de Blasio for claiming crime was going to rage uncontrollable under his administration? Apparently you could lose the self evidently racist stop and frisk and the city wouldn’t be shipped to 1977 when you weren’t looking. It is a guy like Michael Goodwin, who went from anyone but to only The Donald without breaking stride, that puts the seeds of doubt. As for the Times, they need a sense of state and church (you know: the one the Government wants to abolish). I can appreciate what they are going through but 1 -Bannon got one thin right, NYT were so bullied by the Clintons it missed the mood of the country and 2 – while the Trump administration are such  congenital liars it is hard to tell when they tells the truth, they do from time to time. You can’t attack everything always, even I get sick of it.

Oldies: I’ve been listening to a lot of Charlie Parker for the last two days. Well, who hasn’t, right? But that Live On The Savoy from New York: Miles Davis (or Kenny Dorham) on trumpet and Max Roach at the drums, and Tadd Dameron or Al Haig at the ivories, it’ll change your life. If heroine alone could make you play like that, we’d all be junkies.

Newies: 2017 has three names, Rhiannon Giddens (who I have every reason to expect to see on stage sooner rather than later),Wiley (who knows when I’ll get to see him),  and Ryan Adams (next Thursday) and that defines 2017 so far.

Movies: I just watched “Arrival” again. Maybe I was off my feed the first time, it is the best movie of 2016 and it made as great a case for Pro-Life as I have ever seen. Me? I’m very pro choice, even though my child would have been 25 if somebody else hadn’t also been pro choice. But even at the personal cost, not having enough people in this world is not a problem and not an issue.

Television: Still haven’t gotten around to 24: Legacy. John Oliver is back on Sunday. PS The interview in the Times was awful.

The Presidency As A Business Ploy: Military eyes leasing space at Trump Tower to beef up security when President is in town.

Yemen Withdraws Permission for U.S. Antiterror Ground Missions: Suspend their visas to the US, that’ll show em. Oh wait, you already did. So after using their territory for raids, killing their civilians with an ill conceived and executed raid, you disinvite em. What an ass..

Death: The great English character actor Alec McGowan dead at 91 (you may remember him from “Frenzy”), Richard Hatch of Battlestar Galactica dead at 91, Irwin “Charlie Chaplin with a  college education Corey dead at 101.


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