These Days: Wednesday, January 11th, 2017

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Trump And Sexual Perversion: “FAKE NEWS — A TOTAL POLITICAL WITCH HUNT!”  -Claims the President Elect after unsubstantiated claims about Trump sexual perversions were posted by Buzznet. They claim that Russia has blackmail on Trump based upon a trip to the country where prostitutes urinated on each other while Trump watched at a Moscow Hotel. As scandals go, I am not very scandalized. In 2016, if it doesn’t include a) children or b) violence , it’s more like gossip than scandal. PS: Russia denies they have stuff on Trump -fel better now?

Bye bye Bam: Is that it? Are we done with the soon to be FPOTUS? He is sure a self serving fella ain’t he?

Justice: Dylann Roof given the death sentence. But is it justice? It is hard to really care, isn’t it. But the murderous scumbag sure hit me as crazy… and you want to protect him not out of love for Roof but out of fear for the law. If you don’t protect the worst then the law is meaningless.

Concerts Upcoming: While I haven’t bought em, I am looking at the XX and U2, I assume I will end up at stubhub for U2 but I may hold off quite a lot because the bottom line remains who wants to go to Metlife on a Wednesday? Maybe they’ll add some weekend dates. As for xx -an outdoor concert in May? Hmmmm… Plus if it rains at Forest Hills there is nowhere to hide. I did get a ticket to Big Sean at Radio City Music Hall on April 11th.

Concerts Today: The Weeklings at the Cutting Room and Walker And The Brotherhood Of The Grape at BB Kings.

New Music: I’ve been writing quite a bit about the new Ryan Adams album Prisoner, dropping in February and the first great album of 2017. Right now the second song, “To Be Without You”, has dropped and it is a beautiful bummer, a Neil Young-y acoustic piece of singer songwriter gloom and doom. Grade: A

Death: Steven McDonald, Paralyzed Officer Who Championed Forgiveness, Dies at 59., 30 years after a 15 year old shot him. Roy Innis, the Black Conservative, dead at 82.


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