These Days: Wednesday, January 25th, 2017

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The First Five Days: No wonder the country has the jitters, the press have reached a critical mass of loudness and I say that while, essentially, agreeing with them. There is so much going you can’t help wondering whether they are so pissed they’ve reached the level of overkill. And some of the scandals aren’t that scandalous: the overstating of the size of the audiences for his inauguration, and the temporary ending of EPA notifications to the press? Neither matters. The former is whatever, though typical, and the gutting of the matter (Trump: “there is no greater protector of the environment that I am but things have gone too far..”). As for Trump’s China policy: he doesn’t have one. What else: the insolent debacle at the CIA, the paying of audience members to cheer him, the ridiculous claim that three million undocumented Americans voted for Hillary, the ceaseless narcissism… The Times says he is leading China into a showdown and war. Maybe, but something has to happen before it happens and the scrapping of the  Trans-Pacific Partnership  actually helps them. Their building a war, they’re checking it twice…  but we knew that was coming, and they are resurrecting the Keystone XL line, but we knew that was coming as well. These are NOT ALTERNATIVE FACTS and there are so many of them that what you really want to do is shut them out or at least find someone to keep the real outrage for the real outrageous. That was first five days, right? Please guys, less news already.

Old Music: On to McCartney’s Tug Of War and to be perfectly blunt, I’m not thrilled. Some people whose tastes I respect since I am missing it, and maybe so, even still, I don’t like albums that start with grunting (so there). On to The Chocolate Invasion for Prince, an album that feels like NPG Record club dutifully keeping their promise to  club members.

New Music: I’ve been listening to Pitchfork’s IDM (Intelligent Dance Music) playlist and the only two names I recognized were Aphex Twins and Flying Lotus. Most of it bores me (which suggests that IDM is not my genre), though Prefuse 73 (oh, I recognize them as well) have an ok track. (Grade: C+, but I bet it would be B+ if I liked the sound of wallpaper being mashed into a synth).

Newspapers: I read The New York Times and the New York post every single day, to round out the news I get, and god help the Post putting a shiny face on all of this.




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