These Days: Wednesday, July 15th, 2017

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The Charts: With “Despacito” the most probably of songs of the summer, a quick shout out to the Panamanian Brazilian woman who co-wrote the sucker, Erika Ender. As  composer she has won two Latin Grammys and written songs for the likes of  Chayanne, Gloria Trevi, and Victor Manuelle, and with “Despacito” has hit the jackpot with the first US Latin American # 1 since 1996’s “Macarena” . Erika’s 2017 album, Tatuajes, which means tattoos, is a not too heavy mix of dance pop and ballads (Grade: B-)

Sports: I went to Yankee Stadium yesterday for a less than terrific experience. Not only was the game a loss to Toronto, 1 -4, but Sabathia imploded in the third inning and while the bullpen did their job, the only Yankee action was a soaring and gorgeous homer by Aaron Judge right into the bleachers, less power and more trajectory. But even if the Yanks had won, the stadium is loud, aggressive money sponging and not very pleasant. The employees are abrasive and indifferent (compare them to Barclay Centers always interested serving staff), you are shepherded like sheep outside, ignored inside, and whatever whatsoever personality the old Yankee Stadium had  the new one hasn’t. Among other things, one world championship in nine years doesn’t compare to the Yanks of 1996 – 2000. The Yanks are now 4 games out of first. The Mets got hammered.

New Music: I missed the India.Arie EP, and one look at the name of the sucker will tell you why: Songversation: Medicine. I think these full on self help stuff is meant to make me feel better and not want to belt someone but they don’t work.

Old Music: I am getting a little closer to Prince’s 20Ten, I think I am expecting something to happen that isn’t ever going to happen. I am expecting it to click into place and it won’t, it remains very slight and though its lead off track is alright minor league Prince, the rest of it is less than that. Grade: C

POTUS: I understand, even admire, the electorate’s decision to shake up the powers that govern us, but Trump is not the man. He is a Mussolini in a world of Stalins. So completely out of his element you have to wonder why a baby boomer acts more like a teenage girl getting bullied on Facebook than the leader of the free world.

Concerts: James Taylor tomorrow, and pulled the trigger on the Steez gig with Pro Era on Friday. I had been waiting for the price to drop to $80 and it wouldn’t but I wasn’t willing to go $120 which is where they started and $100 which is where they were last week. I bought in at $90 plus charges, it came to $108. July looks a little on the quiet side.

Frenemies: “It appears that Iggy Azalea and Azealia Banks have ended their long-time feud.The “Fancy” singer announced through social media on Monday (July 3) that she and Banks will collaborate on her upcoming album, Digital Distortion.“Public Service Announcement, Azealia is going to be on DD. We are collaborating,” Azalea wrote on Snapchat. “Burn your wigs now or preserve them in your freezer for release day.” I can’t wait.

Anti-Semitism: I totally get what Jay-Z meant, but I am me, why would the rest of the world give him a pass? What if Neil Diamond sang: “wanna know how blacks stay on welfare? This is how they do it…”


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