These Days: Wednesday, June 28th, 2017

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Concerts: Any day that culminates with U2 at MetLife is the definition of a concert night. As you are certainly aware of by now, U2 are performing The Joshua Tree and while you and I may have serious serious problems with U2’s recorded work, as a live band they are just terrific, one of the best stadium bands of all time. Bob Lefsetz wrote where they kinda blew it at Bonnaroo but looking at the line-up there was no competition during their time slot and the film I’ve seen found a band on top of their game. I have never seen U2 bad live, and their 2001 gig at MSG where they read the names of those who died at the World Trade Center was amongst the most moving moments in rock concert history. I saw them two years ago and they were great then as well.

Health Care: Has anybody looked more like what he is then Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, a chinless, gutless, hard hearted man, who is proud of his plan to cut 22 Million from their Health Insurance in order to give a break to the very rich who are currently at their highest percentage of wealth ever. This is what happened during the French revolution, you can’t keep taking from the poor and middle class to feed the rich. Not only does the money stagnate (why do you think Bill gives so much away: he has nothing to do with it), but the population gets furious angry and tears you down. The two parties are both conduits for the rich and powerful oz, they are destroying the earth iceberg by iceberg and will soon have no one left to exploit.

Meanwhile: “Famine was declared in South Sudan earlier this year, and three other countries – Nigeria, Somalia and Yemen – face food emergencies that could degenerate into famine. More than 20 million people are threatened by the lack of food in those four countries. Armed conflicts and civil wars are exacerbating the crises in these areas. Aid can’t get to the people who need it the most.” Yup, or Bill Gates can give two weeks wages.I want to mention something that isn’t said enough, if you believe that the people starving in Nigeria are not you and  couldn’t be you, you are quite, quite mistaken. Your “superiority” to these people is just a matter of geography, where you were born. That’s all. Stick that punk Trump and have him born to poor people in Sudan and he wouldn’t be a billionaire, he would be starving.  As would I.

New Music: A steady diet of Algiers, with some Radiohead and Prince mixed to taste so not ENTIRELY new but it’s been a quiet day.

Old Music: Heavy on the U2 and Pitbull -the Pitbull isn’t great art by any stretch but it is sure great pop, it disappears while you listen to ti, true, but while it is around we all shout timber.

Sports: Yanks lost, and that means the Red Sox are alone in first place. If they continue to play .200 ball the end is inevitable. Why, oh why did I believe?? The Mets also lost…


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