These Days: Wednesday, March 29th, 2017

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Concerts: An odd week of concerts for me, first I passed on “Garden Of Laughs” last night so I could visit with the lead singer of The Gap Band, the estimable Charlie Wilson. I gave a highly negative review (a grade C) when I initially reviewed his latest album back in January but I was sick as a dog at the time, which is my primary excuse for missing the boat and I’ve listened to it since and it is well worth the trip to Barclays tonight. I had a ticket for Harry Potter plus symphony orchestra on Friday but then discovered there was a performance by the US’s great composer John Adams’ The Gospel According To The Other Mary at Carnegie Hall. So I am passing on Potter for Adams.

Old Music: Well, obviously, right? Charlie Wilson and John Adams in anticipation for this week in concerts just about all the time right now.  Also, I’ve had Doncker’s “The Mess We Made” (song not album)  in heavy rotation…. get my mind right...

New Music: I’ve already bought the entire Triplicate on CD because, you know, it is Dylan and as an added plus Dylan listens to CDs himself so I should follow his lead. Each of the three albums is 32 minutes long (because 32 is a magical number according to Zimmy, among other things Jesus had his best year ever when he was 32 -it went South soon after that…). For a midweek listening party I am spoiled for choice… The new Aimee Mann is also on First Listen…

Rotten And Trump: People of good faith can disagree about Trump, and my feeling about him is fairly thoroughly documented. But insulting John Lydon because you disagree with Lydon’s opinion about POTUS is beyond pathetic. As bad as Trump is, he is not Hitler and as bad as his government is, the US remains a democracy. Don’t believe me? Move to Somalia. You get nowhere by exaggeration and the US is exaggerating:it is like “wooo hee, now we are as terrible as Russia”. No, we’re not as terrible as Russia.

The skinny budget: According to the New York Post’s Brian Riedl “Washington will spend $783 billion on anti-poverty programs this year, and is scheduled to spend $804 billion next year. In the (highly unlikely) event that every cut proposed by Trump is enacted, it would merely reduce next year’s spending level to approximately $798 billion. So instead of expanding 2.7 percent next year, the anti-poverty budget would expand by 1.9 percent.” The problem with getting all your news from the New York Times is you are not getting the whole story, whether you hold your nose or not it is imperative to keep an eye on the truth. Sure Breitbart is bullshit, the Post isn’t. They don’t just lie.

The Truth: You can’t hold your nose and wish it would go away, the truth is more important THAN ANYTHING. There is so much bad stuff to worry about, why make stuff up? Give the devil his due.

Death: Ahmed Kathrada, Anti-Apartheid Activist in South Africa, Dies at 87; Darlene Cates, the Mother in ‘What’s Eating Gilbert Grape,’ Dies at 69; Christine Kaufmann, Actress in ‘Town Without Pity,’ Dies at 72; Agustina Castro, Sister of Fidel and Raúl, Dies at 78; Robin O’Hara, Producer of Independent Films, Dies at 62


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