These Days: Wednesday, March 8th, 2017

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Concerts: Dawes are the real beer of SoCal 21st Century takes on SoCal 1970d singer songwriters. Imagine Jackson Browne if he had forgotten how to write a memorable melody and you have Dawes -a band so unmemorable that I’d seen twice before, one at Summerstage with a press past, and had completely forgotten. The other time I saw em, they were opening for Conor Oberst, also at Summerstage,and they were as boring as can be. They didn’t have “All Your Favourite Bands” then and they do now, and it sure is a good song and still isn’t nearly enough. I have a ticket to catch em at Beacon Theatre on Friday and will do my level best to miss it.

More Concerts: My Live Nation app isn’t updating so wish me luck getting James Taylor presale at the Prudential on July 6th. Bonnie Raitt is opening and it sure feels like a biggie, right? Oh, and I can’t get onto AXS Forest Hills tickets so The Chainsmokers might not happen either.

The American Health Care Act: according to the New York Daily News it “keeps lots of Obamacare’s DNA, eliminates the requirement that all purchase insurance, phases out its taxes — and leaves millions, especially older and poorer Americans, hanging.”

Spy Vs Spy: Given Wikileaks latest dump is 1000s of documents showing how the CIA can spy on you with the greatest ease… and probably does, how private is private?  Post 9-11 Patriot Acts, the Government can and will spy on you at will and justify it without you even seeing the justification. If you think somebody somewhere didn’t spy on Trump before the election, you are being wilfully naive. Who and how is another matter. It doesn’t really effect is for the most part except when we need our privacy most, we have it least. Having your private life exposed while protesting the government could leave you from one sort of fight and right into another. Say you are having an affair with your daughter’s 23 year old best friend. It is certainly not the FBI’s business but they could certainly make you aware they know it.

New Music: Ed Sheeran seems on the verge of entering the charts at # 1. 500K copies sold in the UK alone. Meanwhile, Ed performed the Sirius FM gig at Webster Hall. Sounds like a fun acoustic set, though I saw him a coupla years ago at the even smaller Mercury Lounge.

Old Music: A great deal of Prince’s 3121, a I thought I liked more than I do. After working through so many NPG albums it hits me as self evident that he never improved on the WB albums. Never really came close.

Sports: The return of Sabathia: 2 IP, 2 H, 0 R, 1 BB, 2 SO.


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