These Days: Wednesday, May 17th, 2017

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Bullying: Nobody agrees with rape, sex via violence, sex via intimidation or threats, but sex through peer pressure? PWR BTTM and Ben Harris have had their career ended via unsubstantiated claims by third parties and the one stated by a victim which does not constitute rape on planet USA. The truth is, this was a witch-hunt and those who perpetrated wouldn’t be happy till PWR BTTM had their lives ripped apart. Their albums taken off streaming and digital services, their tour cancelled, their reputations in tatters without an iota of proof. Their initial response, noting they have no idea who are making these claim but to contact them through a third party, hits me as completely adequate. Exactly how sensitive are these victims? Trust Pitchfork, in the lamest Op Ed imaginable, to pile it on two men who have been bullied to the place where you hope they don’t have a breakdown. Hey pop pickers: first you make the claim, then you go to the police, then you go trial, and if you win Ben Harris is in jail, and if you don’t he isn’t. Seems simple enough but in the queer community you’re in wonderland: first the sentence, then the trial… then the charges.

Old Music: I have no reason or understanding as to why, however The Legendary Performers four volumes from RCA are not available for streaming. I’ve found Volume One and Two on CD but still searching out the other two. Though they are greatest hits compilations, they include rarities and interviews unavailable elsewhere and so I couldn’t get away with recreating them for my review. That means I might get back round to Sir Paul before I start on Volume One.

New Music: This was the lamest week for new singles ever… from Imagine Dragon to Buckingham-McVie, what an abominable bunch of songs.

Sports: The Yanks won and the Mets lost but it doesn’t matter, these are two fundamentally flawed teams.

Trump And Comey: My feelings have just a touch of hmmm with my bafflement –I just don’t get the sense that Comey is a good guy, he has played politics with the FBI since he got there and he has given me this feeling that he was in the midst of a huge power play and Trump stopped him dead –more or less by accident.

Blabbermouth Trump: I can think of nothing worse than the defense hiding information from the President, that stinks of a military takeover. Folks I trust less than Trump.



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