These Folks Haven't Made It To The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame

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 Cheap Trick -Borline but I would go with them.

New York Dolls -One of the inventors of punk. McLaren cut his teeth with em.

The Cars – Yeah, no

Grand funk Railrod – An American band, sure. But Hall Of Famers? I'm with Jann

Styxx – Yuck

MC5 – How ciould these guys not make it? detriots finest as white panther revolutioners

ELO – How can you NOT have Jeff Lynn in RARHOF

Roxy Music – I say yes… give em a golden ticket

Heart – where is neptism when you need it/

Genesis – The one with Gabriel -maybe. I have my problems with even the best prog-rock but if you are gonna have any one, either these guys or King Crimson

Def Leppard – No way.

Pat Benatar – Nice girl, ut

not that nice.

Boston – Production perfectionists

The Doobie Brothers – Hmmm, can't decide.

The Monkees – Absolutely yes.

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