Things That Make You Go Hmmmm

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From the ‘things that make you go hmm’ file I offer up an observation that has perplexed me for decades: How can it be that a song you absolutely hate can suddenly have you bopping in your seat? A tune that comes on the car radio and instantly makes you dive for the controls can have you fist pumping and singing along- depending on where you are.

Case in point- sporting events. When you suddenly here Joan yelling “I love Rock and Roll”, over the speakers you are right there, feeling the power. It comes on the radio and lord help me I will drive off the road before I’ll listen to it for 2 seconds.
The relationship between music and logistic is one I have pondered,time wastefully, for a long time. I can walk into a bar and if the bass is set right suddenly I’m digging Beyonce , who again I wouldn’t give 2 seconds of airtime anywhere else. It’s the atmosphere of an event that can take a song and make it energetic, dare I say even make it enjoyable.

As the batter steps up to the plate with his own special jam helps me determine if he’s a knob or not. Yet I found recently at a Myrtle Beach Penguins game (going visiting there? Go see them it’s a truly fun night out) that tunes I hate even dare I say some country twangers, sounded damn good. Maybe it was the fries, maybe it was the tan lines but whatever it was my location directly impacted my auditory tolerance. The moment the game was over- I’d never want to hear those songs again. Til next game.

Maybe this is why people strut into clubs. The music in proper atmosphere makes people feel like they’re in a music video and strikes some sort of emotional chord. Maybe this is why on ‘girls night’ you find them packed in a corner singing Britany, when you know full well not one of them would listen to that under normal circumstance.

This would make a great marketing tool. Do some analytics. Find what songs cause the most positive reaction and sell the album right there on the spot. Whammo there goes your record sales. Yankee games alone would shoot the salsa sales through the roof.

I’m not even going to factor in booze. Where drunken pods of humans are singing ‘ I Got Friends In All The Wrong Places” 20 years after it was a thing- this entire industry can be revamped if we just marketed to these locations. I’m gonna be rich if I can finagle a percentage.


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