Things To Do In New York When You’re Dead

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 You would think that after eight years plus of nonstop writing, you would run out of things t write about. But no, I never have, till today. Today I have finally run out of ideas, I search websites, listen to music, consider options, but there are none that appeals to me. I am only at the start of McCartney’s 1991 Liverpool Oratorio Suite (an album I had accidentally skipped a couple of weeks ago) but so far it sounds like melodic tedium and not much else. Both Presley and Prince’s latest is awhile away. I am thinking of starting in on the Sinatra back pages but it is about a month to soon.  


The new Luke Bryan single “Light It Up” was just released, a nothing country electronic track about a girl not calling him. Not bad (Grade: B-)  but if you fancy a laugh here is Rolling Stone on the song: “ It’s a moody production, underpinned by a programmed beat and choppy piano chords, while icy synthesizer fills lifted from Eighties new wave ratchet up the tension.” Icy synthesizer? Choppy piano chords? Tension? Oh I think not.


Then I went back and checked for news on the Taylor Swift new single, no updates so far. Then I listened to the War On Drugs again, it is waring off me. Still no Taylor, the song is apparently EIGHT MINUTES PLUS in length, cmon Tay Tay, I need something to write about… NPR First Listen? The new The Pains Of Being Pure At heart is pretty good but not a full album material good (Grade: B), it sounds like business as usual ambient shoegaze melodies to snooze to, Hercules & Love Affair’s Omrion is dybbed pop-hose by NPR and it is though not as good as that sounds. Grade: C+ and Dälek, ‘Endangered Philsophies’ is a noisy rap album, different and worth a better listen that I gave it. Grade: C+. I’ve been thinking of David Bowie circa Stage To Stage after hearing Sam Huber’s  “New York # 1,” but I’ll leave more till later with that one.


What else: This is interesting. 40% – 50% of tickets to live events go unsold, while explains Gold Ticket, Groupon, and all the other people trying to get rich overnight on my back. In New York, some enterprising fellow shout sell left over tickets to concerts next to the theatre tickets in Time Square.

So where is the new Taylor Swift single?




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