This is What Joan Baez Calls ‘A Bad Song’… A Song About A Nasty Man

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Joan Baez


Joan Baez just gave a long interview to Rolling Stone a few days before her induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on Friday, and, in the middle of the interview, the great folk hero mentions she wrote an anti-Trump song. However, she admitted she will probably not release it: ‘It’s not a good song, but it will make people laugh, so I’ll probably just put it on YouTube’… And the song is on YouTube indeed, you can listen to it below and watch Joan sing her folk tune in her living room? But I would certainly disagree with her, because it’s not even close to be bad!

‘Whatever it has been in the past has lifted,’ said Baez, ‘Maybe I’m grateful for Trump, because otherwise it would seem very bland. I’m not agitating enough people. When I got respectable, I got creeped out.’

‘Nasty Man’ is not even an aggressive song, it’s a funny song and she was right when she said this would make people laugh. With the right dose of mockery, with the right choice of words (she does not even pronounces Trump’s name once) the folk songstress wrote a witty song to make fun of the man of the year. Everything is in there, Trump’s pathological sense of lying,… his awful anti-environmental measures, ‘you owe the earth a pardon’,… his failed marriage(s), ‘she’s scooped up all of her jew-ler-ee, and gone’… of course the wall, ‘big-liest wall, the beautifulist wall round our borders’… and Trump’s craziest habit, ‘no one gives a damn about his tweets’!

She even uses ‘future dictator’, and tells it as it is, ‘cuz you’ve got serious psychological disorders/You’ve got dangerous pathological disorders’

Joan Baez the warrior is at her best when dictators and oppression reign, she must have been bored with 8 years of Obama.


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