Thom Yorke performed 'Karma Police' On Jonathan Ross and well…

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First off just fast forward this video to 1:48 unless you want to hear a bunch of babble by two morons who love the sound of their own voice.  Thom Yorke is looking more and more like Willie Nelson every day.  He is filthy, he is greasy and he is aging very poorly.

There are the Radiohead maniacs who will phone up the Bob Seger fans to come and hunt me down Bin Laden style and personally I say more power to you fools.  I love this song “Karma Police” a Radiohead classic that has so many cheeky one liners its hard to believe I didn’t write it.  “This is what you get when you mess with us”, has been on our website masthead just about every time I’m in the drivers seat, simply because its such a fabulously simplistic (yet true) statement.

Yorke was on Ross peddling his hipster wares and his silly side job Atoms For Peace and well he’s pretty full of himself for a guy that looks like an emaciated hobo. Im gonna be honest with you.  I like Radiohead.  I like the song ‘Ingenue” by Atoms for Peace and I really like Thom Yorkes voice.

I don’t like his persona.  I’m not sure if Yorke is just a nice guy who pretends to be an ass or if he’s just a really talented guy who IS an ass.  In the grand scheme of things I don’t really care.  Considering I’ll never sit down to dinner with the guy it doesn’t matter if I like him or not as a person.  I dig his work.  There I said it- but he’s still a dick.


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