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New week, new songs,…. it’s true, so many bands release songs at the beginning of a commencing week. Today we can listen to material from three bands that had temporarily disappeared from our radar, so here are one relaxing tune and two other songs that will shake you up.

To be honest, Tame Impala released this one earlier because I heard it first on Sunday afternoon… The Aussie psychedelic band has released a new single ‘Cause I’m a Man’ to announce their forthcoming album, and I got a very strong Prince sexy vibe when listening to that one, and this must be partially because of Kevin Parker’s falsetto. It’s a slow and groovy one, ethereal even, with smooth all-floating synths, a sort of vapor sound with plaintive vocals reaching the stratosphere with a catchy-enough chorus… It’s certainly not rocking, aiming at a different direction than anything on ‘Lonerism’, except may be ‘Feels Like We Only Go Backwards’. Can you call this R&B? Psychedelic R&B?

Conor Oberst never really disappears, he is a very prolific guy, but his band Desaparecidos had vanished for a while. However, Oberst and his bandmates (Denver Dalley, Ian McElroy, Landon Hedges, and Matt Baum) are about to release a new album ‘Payola’ and they have shared ‘City On the Hill’, a propulsive punk track with Oberst’s angry vocals. It is as youthful and anthemic as anything Joyce Manor could have released, although aren’t Joyce Manor’s members just kids and Conor already 35? Desaparecidos had released a few politically-charged singles in 2013 (MariKKKopa’ ‘Backsell’, ‘Anonymous’, ‘The Left Is Right’, ‘Te Amo Camila Vallejo’) and we reviewed some of them at the time… of course, these songs will be featured on the new album.

Third but not least, METZ has a new single, ‘Spit You Out’, and if you fell asleep between Tame Impala and Desaparecidos (and that would be a shame!) be prepared for the big wake up moment, this track is ready to aggress all your senses just like any METZ’s song. ‘Spit You Out’ has muscular guitar riffs, pounding drums, screams and enough noise-melody to satisfy pop lovers and empower punkers-at-heart. It’s earthshaking with noisy distortion and some reminiscence of Kurt Cobain,… and strangely the release of this track almost exactly coincides with the 21st anniversary of the Nirvana frontman death.  And the best part is at the end, when the song almost fades away just to come back with a distorted crashing vengeance…I really needed this kind of energy to start my week.

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