Tim Curry's "Paradise Garage" Reviewed

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So all these decades it can be told, one of the reasons "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" was a cult hit was because Tim Curry has the most expressive face on the planet. It is like silly putty he stretches into lecherous and devilish exactness and adds a self knowing lack of innocence on top. With Rocky Horror it both humanized and made him other worldly, on "Paradise Garage" is shining moment as a rock star, it made dancing and invitation to completely unknown perversions.

"Paradise Garage" was the great gay disco hangout that heralded House in all its beauty and my bet is this started a tribute even though the video is aggressively heterosexual. It used to play before the movie at the Waverly on 8th street  every Saturday and became part of the scene.

And it deserved to, a discolicious with an entirely addictive hook and Curry in all his curly haired glory "Baby's got a dream and she can boogie

"Baby's got a dream and she can boogie
Daddy's got a groove that's coming clean
Jemie's got a vision of a permanent position
Me, I'm oiling up my dance machine"
And it goes like this…


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