Tom Jones Sounds Off on Amy Winehouse

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Remember Amy?  Seems like forever ago she was found dead.  Poor thing never stood a chance and as the world watched her fall apart there was nothing to be done.  We got all we could out of her and then poof, done.

Tom Jones is a pretty rad dude.  I mean back in the day he was swoony as hell and women whipped their underwear at him.  At the time having a pair of pink fruit of the looms whipped at the stage was the ultimate in sex symbol swag.  I, for one, at age 4 found him to be the most delightfull of gents and was darn sure that dude would make me his wife.  Yeah, that was 1970, and the geezer is still going strong and totally doesnt look his 71 years.  He does look a bit like Alex Trebec of Jeopardy fame though, just a bit white fro' for me but still….a nice looking fella.

He has words on Amy.  A bit day late pound note short of course but then again he is long in the tooth, 

'Poor Amy Winehouse. At least someone like Whitney Houston left a legacy of great stuff but poor Amy, she was only just getting into gear. I would love to have worked with Houston, but I never got to,' he told British newspaper The Times.

Tom is a  judge on the UK's  X Factor and has a few too many opinions now.  He thinks the problem with many young singers is that they try to be too flashy. Although he is sometimes impressed with those who can complete runs of notes, on the whole he finds that unnecessary.

'Record companies hear something and they want more of it. So now if you don't put a lot of runs in, a lot of vocal acrobatics, they think you're not being modern enough. Jackie Wilson did it years ago – but when he did it, it fitted to what it was,' he claimed.

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