Tony Visconti To Release New Bowie Songs

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by Jess Benham, reposted from The Independant (here)

David Bowie’s long-term friend and producer has confirmed that new material from the late musician will be released over the next few years.

Tony Visconti is in discussions with the “Starman” singer’s management to dust off archived songs that he recorded but never shared with fans.

It was revealed after Bowie’s death from cancer aged 69 earlier this year that he had finished five new tracks for a follow-up to his final album, Blackstar, released just two days before he died.
“I haven’t heard those songs yet. I might actually have to help his managerial company to find them,” Visconti told the Evening Standard. “I have an idea where he might have recorded them but there is also a lot of unreleased material from many albums.

“I think it’s logical that over the next few years you’re going to hear a lot of stuff that you haven’t heard before. I’m in talks with his management and his label – there’s going to be some great Bowie stuff coming out.”

It was reported in January that the first of Bowie’s posthumous anthology records will be out this Christmas, but this is yet to be confirmed. Many of the as-yet-unheard songs are thought to be tracks that failed to make the Blackstar tracklist.

Visconti said in a poignant statement at the time of Bowie’s death that Blackstar was his “parting gift”. “He always did what he wanted to do, and he wanted to do it this way and he wanted to do it the best way” he wrote. “His death was no different from his life – a work of art.”

The producer, now 72, collaborated with Bowie on and off for nearly five decades. He is dismissive of the “ridiculous” modern pop industry, claiming that “the same people are writing for Lady Gaga that are writing for everyone else…rehashing the hits of the last three months”.

“In the Sixties up to the Nineties, what sold records was quality,” he said. “Virtuosity was respected. People like that aren’t respected anymore. But they still exist – they walk among us!”




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