Top 10 Truths Of The Music Biz? According To Hypebot

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According to Future of Music co-authors David Kusek and Gerd Leonhard, who I guess know this kinda stuff, here are the top ten truths of the music biz. After running a blog for nearly four years, all I have to add isI am fucking exhuasted… However, here is the top ten and here is my opinion of them:


1. Music matters more than ever: the music market is alive and vibrant. – More than ever? Does he mean as much as ever? The market might well be alive and vibrant but the profit margins suck

2. The record business is not the same as the music business – Yeah, I guess that is new, though the difference is marginal. For now, the music business goes where the record business tells it.

3. The artists are the brands, and entertainment is the main attraction -only on a certain level, but on a realer level that is expecting way too much of the artists.

4. Artists and their managers will shape the future -maybe in the future, but we are still working out how to distribute the product now and so it is way too early to discuss the shaping of a toorrow while today is shambles.

5. Publishing income is a crucial income stream -as opoosed to? when wasn't it? Of course publishing is huge, it always has been. Hell, publishing was big BEFORE VINYL.

6. Radio is no longer the primary way that people discover new music – Depends how you define radio, Terrestial radio fine, but if yiou inckude internet and satellite I don't buy it.

7. Digital niche marketing outperforms mass marketing – as a marketer I consider that bullshit of intense proportions. or if you prefer, preaching to the converted. Why do you think all that many was spent in Ohio during the Presidential elections: to sway the undecided vote, jerk.

8. Customers demand—and get—increasing convenience and value – Whatever that means.

9. The current pricing model goes out the window  – Yeah, streaming should really see the end of that.

10. Music is mobile, and new models will embrace a more liquid view of music  – Agreed


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