Train At Jones Beach Show What Smart Acts Do With Cell Phones: They Take The Pix Themselves

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Train At Jone’s beach: Wanna Have your picture taken?













That’s what Train did at Jone’s Beach Tuesday night: Patrick Manohan, this charming man, good looking lame songwriter and leader of MOR pop rock band who are like Maroon 5 without the EDM, proved at least he has the smarts to figure out his audience.

According to Larry Schneiderman, who told us about Woodstock a coupla years ago so knows from great concerts told me, Tuesday was a masterclass in audience manipulation both opening band the Script and guest star Gavin McGraw were working the fans hard, McGraw running up and down the aisles high fiving the fans, but Train out did them. With one of the best looking guys in the business leading them, Train really fed the beast.

But most interesting for rock nyc’s ongoing commentary on the battle of the IPhones was where Train put themselves among the star was. So far: Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs, Cyndi Lauper, Bob Dylan against people take pix of them during the show and Jay Z, Alice Cooper and now Train for it. Patrick actually took the Iphone off fans in the front row and took pix of himself with the fan! Not only is this good PR it is just plain sweet.

The difference? Self importance. The more self-important the act, the more they want you to stop fidgetting and PAY ATTENTION. If an act is self-confident they are happy to use you as another promotional device, if they thing they think they have SOMETHING IMPORTANT to impart and need 100% IF YOUR ATTENTION, to get it acroos, they don’t want you taking pictures.

The truth of the matter is, unless you are watching Tom Stoppard’s “The Coast Of Utopia” the chancest are excellent they need nothing of the sort. Truly, I can absorb Zooey Deschanel’s psyche while sending pix to facebook and arguing with the fat chick who just stepped on my toe and gave me a dirty look for no reason I can tell when it was her who started it, she isn’t that deep.

Schchneiderman responded to Train because Schneiderman is an advertising guy and Train took the time to sell him. Remember Train’s “Drive By”? Maybe it wasn’t written directly for an automoble commercial, but it might as well have been. They know their audience and they sell em hard and while it can be manipulative, really the job of entertainers is to entertain.

If people want to take pix of musicians, musicians should embrace the free publicity and stop complaining.



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