Three Years Later, Bret Michaels Settles The Score with The Tonys

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Bret Michaels is again in the news but no he isn't dying again.  He has officially settled the case with CBS and The Tonys.  You may remember that Michaels played a rousing number from the show 'Rock of Ages'  and as grand finale was clocked in the head with a piece of the scenery.

Michaels had suffered a broken nose and some rib damage.  A few months later it was discovered that he had bleeding on the brain, and of course it was traced back to that whack.  There were warning strokes and a mish mosh of other maladies all screaming headlines of the rockers imminent death.   The dude was being circled by vultures for months.

The settlement is undisclosed, of course, but it's done with and hopefully so are all the stories that he is going to croak any minute.

View 'the incident' here….

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