These Days: Tuesday, January 10th, 2017

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New Music: Maybe I’m growing mellow in my old age, I mean really when was the last time you loved an English guitar band? Yeah, 1975 for me as well. But Sundara Karma may well be young kids playing cliched hard rock with a bubbliness but on their debut album, Youth Is Only Ever Fun In Retrospect, they really do write the songs (Grade: B)

Old Music: I had to buy a CD of “Musicology” and I must admit, while maybe those three instrumental albums has left me in a weaken state, yet it is better than I remember… I guess I could have got my CDs out of mothballs but I can’t be bothered.

State Of The State: Andrew Cuomo makes a run round the legislature who are so far back on their heels after Preet’s years of trying to get to the bottom of Albany corruption. Apparently Cuomo is untouched by scandal as his best friend goes to jail. So what has Cuomo got to offer? Free tuition at SUNY, tax credits for families, and shutting down Indian Point. Apparently, Cuomo has his eyes on a run for the Presidency in 2020.

Trump’s Special Advisor: I never much like the Observer, and the thought of Trump’s uptight son-in-law, 35 year old Jared Kushner, playing Al Pacino to Donnie’s  Marlon Brando is hysterical. “I can handle it, I said I can handle it and I can handle it.”

Sports: Clemson beat Alabama? Thank God I’m not a betting man…

U2: SO this is where they become a nostalgia act and that would be as opposed to… what exactly? And, personally, I’d vastly prefer it if U2 knocked off the new stuff entirely and gave the people what they want. The truth is, I’d pay top dollar to hear a Achtung Baby gig. And why shouldn’t they do it? Shouldn’t we have this?



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