Tupac's Albums Huge Sales Increase Since His Resuscitation At Coachella

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People's behavior is so predictable sometimes, why are we fooled all the time? Why do we let ourselves being manipulated that way? Tupac Shakur’s virtual performance at Coachella has made the rapper’s 'Greatest Hits' album reenter the Billboard 200 chart for the first time since 2000!


According to Nielsen SoundScan, the album jumped back to No. 129, sold 4,000 copies, which represents an increase of 571% compared to the previous week! And some of his other albums got also a boost (an increase of 95% for ‘All Eyez On Me’, and of 53% for ‘Me Against the World’).


People have also downloaded more individual Tupac’s tracks, and the song that his hologram performed at Coachella, ‘Hail Mary’ got 13,000 downloads last week, so a 1,530 % sales increase! The number of downloads for ‘California Love’ and ‘2 Of Amerikaz Most Wanted’ that were performed with Dr. Dre and with Snoop Dog, also considerably increased.


What does it mean about people? I already have a hard time to understand why people rush to Amazon or iTunes to buy albums and songs when some artist dies, it has never made sense for me. I always wonder what is people’s intention when they follow this inexorable trend, Whitney Houston, Amy Winehouse, Michael Jackson, Kurt Cobain,… their sales have tremendously increased after their deaths, but why exactly? Is it because people want to find a closure? Is it because they are looking for an answer as the deaths are often accidental? Or is it a way to remember the person at his/her best?


However, this fake Tupac story is even worst, talking about cashing from a 15-year-old death! Are Interscope and Death Row Records going to reanimate him every 10 years to sell even more albums? They have no shame.


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