Two New (To Me) Spotify Apps Make You Play The Matching Game Based On Musical Tastes

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This Spotify thing is out of control, I use it to listen to music, but the record labels have other things in mind: they want you to connect with other people, and they even want you to play the love connection.


Two new Spotify apps (I didn’t even know there were such things), Tastebuds and Fellody want you to find the love of your life based on your musical taste! Yeah right, as if it was that simple! The true Lonely Hearts Club I suppose, but here are the official descriptions:


Tastebuds: The app will match you with a potential partner based on the artists you've listened to most on Spotify and your collection of playlists. Filter matches by gender, age and location, and message matches in real-time and share playlists with them directly. Add your Songkick details to your profile to share gigs that you are going to on your profile – the perfect setting for an offline meet up!’


Fellody: Simply drag and drop Spotify playlists into the app to find friends and potential love interests with the highest match rate. Instantly send a 'flirt' or browse your matches' tastes to discover new music. Check out the top artists to see the most popular artists amongst the Fellody community.


You don’t have to use them of course, but I wonder whether this is a new tendency, will it be an automatic feature very soon? Are we going to be irremediably connected to the whole wide dating world every time we launch Spotify?


I am quite lost in all this, you can already share your music tastes on Facebook,, but is actually powered by the music you fancy, listen, like on these two last social networks and some others, whereas Fellody lets you add specific Spotify playlists rather than your listening habits.


So for Rock NYC, I sacrificed myself and jumped into the app, as the ‘send a flirt’ in the description of the Fellody one seemed a tad too much for me,… result? I have already more than 40 pages of pictures of matches within 50 miles, pfff, as if I had the time!


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