Tyler The Creator Recorded With Miley Cyrus As The Cycle From Pariah To Mainstream Speeds Up

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The downward spiral from rock and roll pariah to mainstream pop star goes faster and faster. As recently as a year ago, I was still noting that Goblin was the best album of 2011 and this anti-baiting was not getting any one anywhere when it came to Tyler The creator, the most hated man in pop not named Chris Brown.

And then Frank Ocean (Syd the Kid was already) came out as gay and all the sniping came to a stop. Odd Future crossed over, Ocean topped every "Best List" of 2012 and Tyler The Creator is tweeting pix of himself in the studio with Pharrel and Myley Cyrus. Yes, that's right, Miley. Apparently the acting career isn't holding up too well.

To put it another way, Tyler has gone smack dab into the mainstream and any thoughts of Odd Future being "the other" in hip hop seem to have come to an end.

This is absolutely the power of the Ocean plus some popular hip hp stars started listening to Odd Future, Mellowhype and Earl Sweatshirt, card carrying members of new R&B. Frank was always gonna be big and joining Odd Future feels like an odd deviation from his career trajectory. Now he is back where he should be, brawling with Chris Brown in parking lots. And Tyler is where he is going, to mainstream heaven.

But it is also a sea change in hip hop, the beats are getting slower, the samples more orchestrated and the mood darker, more fragile, and absolutely less fun. Hip Hop is in the same position as Marvel Comics in 1969, the back story has taken over the front of the book and superheroes (and rappers) have been given permission to do more than brag in our faces.

If you've listened to "Bastard" and "Yonkers" you might be wondering what Tyler's next solo will be like? Will it be a hip hop star heavy extravaganza and that will be the end of Tyler as we know him?

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