Unsigned Band "Veronica" To Play On rock nyc's First Commercial

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Local unsigned rock band, a UK influenced, heavy beats drone rock group with a taste for thin ties and smart new wavey suits will be playing on the track for rock nyc's first commercial ever.


rock nyc have been working on a commercial all year long with the first finished effort, featuring Modern Hut, Mr. Spoon and the Suicide Dolls, given the knock back by Joseph McElroy of our parent company Muse And Music. it wasn't very good because… well, to be honest, I had no idea what I was doing.

The current version is much much much better. Directed by Jose Vega, who also works with Muse And Music, the visuals are an animated wonder and I plan to write and read the ad copy, or I may forward it to Mary Magpie to read. Or maybe do both and use the best of the two.

As for Veronica, the one song I've heard is terrific: sort of old school Brit rock with heavy keyboards. Somewhere between Joy Division and new Order.  If you like their FB page you will see what I mean. Plus:

1. Unsigned

2. Good beats

3. Old and new

4. Domincan extract!

5. And from new york????

Tailor made for us, right?

This is how their bio reads:

"VERONICA are New York City's freshest, unsigned post-punk/new wave heroes. Ready to take the world on with a minimalist take on the late 70s-early 80s Manchester sound, Veronica's simple songs are dark, yet groove with radio-friendly intensity. Comprised of Dominican Musicians living in New York…"


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