Viral Selfie App Meitu Applied To Album Covers

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Sadly, this new generation is all about selfies, kids only swear by them and i guess I will never understand this stupid habit. But the game is all about getting a more beautiful, better version of yourself, and that’s why there are so many apps which aim to improve your too-close-to-reality pic. The last rage is Meitu, a Chinese app which may have a worrisome invasive behavior with your phone… or not? But one thing is certain, many people are ready to ignore any security warning to get a Japanese-anime makeover, and I am not sure why… I am not even using any of the Instagram filters when I edit a picture.

Animes are popular but the characters look all the same to me, big eyes with that same spark in the iris, small chins and plenty of hair… add to this, a lot of cuteness around the character, cute animals and stars and rainbows and this is a 14 year-old’s dream… but do adults really use it? Apparently it is very popular with 52 million active daily users and 270 million monthly active users. Astonishing! How to make money with no substance, right?

Brooklyn Vegan used the app on some famous album covers, the only problem is that the app doesn’t recognize multiple humans in one photo, so you have to use a cover with one unique person. The results are uneven as the app was applied to Iggy Pop, Bowie, Bob Dylan, Adele, St. Vincent, Patti Smith, Aphex Twin, Dr. Dre, Morrissey, Ozzy Ozbourne… and even Mark E. Smith.

Of course it suits very well for some people, and I only took examples of men, because it sounded more fun, but honestly, isn’t David Bowie already dreamy on his album cover ‘Hunky Dory’? It barely changes anything, just like for Nick Cave, who was already all wide-eyes and elf ears on his ‘From Her to Eternity’ cover. Michael Jackson has just bigger eyes and Prince and Bob Dylan just look ridiculous with their red laces in their hair… of course the ridiculousness reaches a new height with Mark E. Smith. Fiona Apple, Saint Vincent, Angel Olsen, Bjork, and Adele, were already very pretty, and the app looks very superfluous when applied to them. They did this for a large number of albums, and you can see the gallery (without the real album cover) here.


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