Viva Moz! Boston Tour Stop Cancelled

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Morrissey is a jerk. He’s an old crotchety man with too much time on his hands and a horrible disposition.  He’s dismissive and rude, with some of the most obnoxious delivery.  His recent interviews paint a picture of an out of touch geezer and his tour date cancellations paint him a spoiled little brat.

And this is exactly why I love him. Viva Moz!  The world needs characters like Morrissey to remind us that no matter what, idiots come from all walks.  I may agree with his stance on Animal Rights but still, what took him so long to be vegan?  And what’s the deal with cutting out Meat Is Murder from your set list?  Every gig I’ve ever been too has gotten huge response to the showing of “Meet your Meat”, granted the knob heads who camp out to get barrier spots may be tired of it, and others may feel its preaching to the choir, But believe it or not- some people just saw Morrissey for the first time during this tour.  Imagine that, a casual Mozza fan?  They exist, they could have seen that, and it could have triggered a thought.  Nah, not this time… this time we didn’t even know what the set list was.


Morrissey cancelled Philly and Boston. As a Moz fan you brace yourself for this stuff.  Too hot, too cold just right may get a cancel, you may not…..we don’t know.  And honestly we don’t care.  It’s almost like emo Russian Roulette.. BAM, your gig is gone.  I was gearing up for the Boston gig.  Philly got the ax FOUR HOURS before doors. let me tell you this sports fans if I were en route to Beantown and that prune axed the gig there would be hell to pay- alas I got lucky with a 24 hour window.  Hadn’t even chosen my shoes for the night yet- thanks Pops.

And so it goes, there is one more date on the Moz “Low In High School” tour- in LA and if the place doesn’t burn down I bet you dollars to vegan donuts the quiffed one appears- why? Cuz its right near his house and he can stroll in and out and get his check. Which he will need.. to pay for insurance for his next go round of silliness.

This all being said I can say some things I would have otherwise skipped. The new album sucks “Jacquie’s Only Happy When She’s Up On The Stage ” has to be one of the dumbest songs I have ever heard and the video suits it perfectly.. Boring, cliché’ trying to be kitsch and failing miserably, not unlike, our man Moz.

Morrissey is the pied piper of the psychiatric ward. His sad disciples follow him from place to place spending their well-earned (borrowed or stolen) money as they see fit.  Bless them.  I don’t really give a toss what people do, it’s their life to wreck their own way.  Morrissey treats his fans like trash and they don’t mind.  Why?  I have no idea, I guess because he can and because he’s a jerk.


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