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Now that I'm back to school and waking up at ungodly hours, I need a good playlist to get ready to.  Here are some tunes to play to spice up your morning routine.

1.  "When Will My Life Begin?"- Disney's Tangled.  This is an absolutely perfect morning song.  It's cute and fun, not to mention from the best Disney movie in the past few years.

2.  "The Lazy Song"- Bruno Mars.  As much as I don't like Bruno Mars, this song is catchy and I can't help but sing along.

3.  "Oh Well, Oh Well"- Mayday Parade.  One of the best tunes the band has ever written, and it gets me really pumped to start a new day.

4.  "Love Today"- Mika.   I heard this song in Get Him To The Greek, and I knew that I had to play it when I was getting ready in the morning.

5.  "Be OK"- Ingrid Michaelson.  It's so refreshing and mellow, but still upbeat enough to bop around in your room to.

6.  "Three Little Birds"(cover)- Brendon Urie.  Not only even better than the original, but something about his voice wakes me up.

7.  "Feelin' Good"- Michael Buble.  Once you're dressed and almost ready to leave, you're totally feelin' this song.

8.  "New Shoes"- Paolo Nutini.  When you're about to go out the door for the first time, this tune is a great pick-me-up to begin the day.

Don't loathe waking up in the morning early, play these tunes and look forward to it!


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