Walker And The Brotherhood Of The Grape, “Bribing The Karma Police”

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They say that music is life.  I cant live without music, music on world off- so many idiotic cliché’s.  Truth is I can go a week with listening to no music at all- its not my life, it hasn’t saved me- on the contrary some would say that music nearly killed me.  Well that’s a whole ‘nuther story—but music evokes emotion that’s for sure and a wide range at that.

We have the fist pumping ‘We’re not gonna take it’ angst, the ‘screw that lets party’ vibe, for every emotion there is a perfect complimentary soundtrack at your fingertips- cuz music is like that.  It can make a terrible movie wonderful and make a mediocre movie a block buster and all It takes is the proper jams. The proper voice..the proper vibe.. the proper beat.. the proper combination of all of these elements at the exact. Same. Moment.

I hate being sad.  Sad to me is weak and I aint no weakling so you’ll never see me forehead to the window-pain tracing my tears or anything else.  Too raw.. too weird too invasive.  Walker Hornung does that for me.  Walker and The Brotherhood of the Grape do the hurt so I don’t have to.  They’re emotional surrogates so I can carry on with my day to day.

Walkers voice will make your heart tighten, nearly to the cardiac arrest stage but not enough to kill you.  Just leave you breathless and a bit disorientated.  He does this vocally with a vein bulging dirty low down been wronged by my woman persona that you cant help but fall victim too.  Women will want to make him soup, guys will want to buy him a hooker and a shot of bourbon- but everyone no matter what will be touched by the sound.

In this tune Walker whips up a sample of Radioheads “Karma Police” and makes it uniquely his own.  Get your tissues its cryin’ time.



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