Watain Douse Fans In Pigs Blood and The Crowd Pukes

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Oh Metal Gods you’re so silly.  So angry and violent with your silly growls and greasy long hair.  I am not sure why or how things got so comedic but ‘gore’ rock cracks me up like you would not believe.  When a band has legitimate talent, as Watain does, you cant help but wonder what makes them feel its necessary to act like morons.

The band did a gig in Brooklyn this past Sunday and as part of their performance whipped pigs blood at the audience from “The Blood Skull”.  Not as lovely as the closing scene of the film ‘Carrie’, but just vile enough to cause numerous audience members to throw up.  Yup! Puke and blood all for the same ticket price! This makes the whole scene even more hilarious- shouldn’t these metal kids be rubbing blood on themselves in elation? Wimps. Why back in my day…

Just kidding there wasn’t as much desperation for attention in my scene we just wanted to hear and play music and maybe shake out a political line or two.  Today its so tough to get press that you have to resort to this Tomfoolery.  Oh did I mention these guys have a busload of cool stage antics?  Like performing with a goat carcass on the stage?

Again, why?  Is it just for attention? Is it adrenaline, stupidity, desperation?  I guess the theatrics are something I will never understand but what I can tell you with full conviction is if some band threw blood on me, security would be very busy pulling me off the stage as I kicked their asses.

C’mon Watain, you’re a great band- you really don’t need the image of a bunch of pathetic teenage boys begging for attention.


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