Watch ‘Carry The Scar’, Imaad Wasif’s Video Directed By Austin Lynch

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Imaad Wasif


I so wanted to go see Imaad Wasif when he played at the Bootleg this week, but of course it’s difficult (to impossible) for me to go out every night of the week, but now I am regretting it after watching this video he has  just released on Youtube for his song ‘Carry The Scar’ from his new album ‘Dzi’.

Enter the dark and very mysterious world of imaad’s thunderous guitar, reaching psychedelic metal level, while his somber and thin figure looks like a dark character of legend, between Aragorn of the Lord of the Rings and a mystic guitar warrior, although he is never seen playing guitar in the video. Beside the fire, which seems to take over half the screen at one point, there’s no much action, the camera moves slowly, and focuses a long time on Imaad’s long and knotty hands. It’s a beautiful clip, with an imagery truly matching the heavy guitar-driven psych rock combined with Imaad’s tenebrous and clear vocals, and you may not be surprised to learn this is the work of director Austin Lynch, who is no other than David Lynch’s son.

Imaad Wasif’s new album ‘Dzi’, his first album in over 8 years, was produced with Bobb Bruno (of Best Coast) and mixed by Mark Rains (of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club). According to the bio, Dzi comes from The Tibetan Book of The Dead, and it means to ‘shine, brightness’, and ‘may or may not contain references to love, paranoia and delusion’.

This sounds coming straight from the book of mystics and if you dig a bit more into the press release, you’ll see the powerful and cinematic atmosphere translated by the imagery of the video was not your imagination:

‘In the aftermath of recording Wasif was able to halt his rapid descent as a paranoid recluse in L.A., drawing pentagrams on walls and carpets to conjure demons and stop throwing associates out of recording sessions because he was convinced they were witches and believing that they were plotting to steal his semen to create the Antichrist.’

‘Dzi’ will be out June 16th and you can pre-order it now via Grey Market

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