Watch Father John Misty’s Latest And Insane Video

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Father John Misty at the El Rey last year


I want my 3 minutes back… Father John Misty has just released the most curious/ugly/bizarre/head-scratching video ever for his song ‘Total Entertainment Forever’ of his new album. The batshit crazy bizarro world curiosity features George Washington, Macaulay Culkin as Kurt Cobain as Jesus Christ, but also Garfield‘s Jon Arbuckle and of course Father John Misty, but there is also Bill Clinton and his saxophone and cigar and this unexpected group of characters walk through a papier-mâché Ronald Mac Donald’s décor, which is so bright I need my sunglasses! it’s the weirdest thing I have seen… this week, may be this month and it’s probably the kitschest video ever.

I know, there is a reference to Nirvana’s famous ‘Hear-Shaped Box’ video, and you want to think that Misty is trying to make the most intelligent social commentary of his life,… after all, the lyrics have this ambition, ‘Bedding Taylor Swift/Every night inside the Oculus Rift’ — did you have to look at oculus rift? But we are beyond this! May be he is trying too much, like his good friend Lady Gaga and in this case it’s totally absurd, or he doesn’t give a shit anymore and is fucking with our brains! it’s too raw to be a parody, too obvious to be taken as a satire of our trashy pop culture, so what is this? Do I need to watch it a second time to make a list of all the pop culture references, or is this a waste of time and a risk of retina damage… these bright papier-mâché objects are gastric-reflux-inducing. May be I would enjoy it more if I were in the habit of smoke herb, but it is honestly too ugly to trigger any serious discussion.

One thing is sure, despite the crucifixion, the biggest blasphemy is probably Culkin playing Cobain… but I would like to say one more thing, we obviously get it, our infatuation with celebrities, our obsession with technology, Misty’s pokes at religions, famous politicians and big corporations which  have replaced religions, but at the end, Misty is too much of a hipster to produce such an ordinary comment about our decadent society, there must be something more… subtle?

Father John Misty does what he is always doing anyway, he is messing with us, big time, he makes a video with Adam Green, and under some pseudo intellectual pretense, he lets us think this is certainly the most clever shit ever, whereas nothing makes sense and this is just a gross yellow and red joke. Watch it below.


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