Watch Morning Fuzz’s New Video For ‘Invisible Man’

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Morning Fuzz


New York rock band Morning Fuzz has just released a new video for their new single ‘Invisible Man’, and the result is a mini movie with an action-adventure via Hawaii approach. As a matter of fact, the band had these few words to explain the intrigue: ‘In a dystopian future centered in Honolulu Hawaii, the Time Doctor sends back our hero to try and stop the evil Black Suit from wearing the mask of power.’ This looks very mysterious, but once you know this, you can make whatever you want of this mini James Bond/Mission Impossible clip, which involves gun shots, car chases and high speed vehicles, violent death, and exotic locations, all the ingredients for a high budget action movie, or how-to-bring-Hollywood-movies-in-your-indie-rock.

The music is anxious and impatient with big rocking riffs and fuzzy guitars, while the insistent but very melodic and nervous vocals may remind you about some authentic Foo Fighters’ rage. This is especially true when the tone rises into some high energy level, bringing tension to the story with a hooky melody, … the very radio-friendly result manages to stay true to the spirit of rock & roll with a touch of indie rock, while bringing wide-screen adventure in the middle of a video clip.

Morning Fuzz, which consists of guitarist Frank Fussa on vocals, childhood friend and bassist Christopher Johanidesz, guitarist Michael Cullari and drummer Jesse Steffen, has been rocking since 2009, and despite a few line up changes they have managed to stay true to their classic sound. They have already released two critically acclaimed EPs, and, in 2013, they put out their debut, full-length album, ‘Chasing Ghosts’, recorded with renowned producer, Barrett Jones, who worked with Foo Fighters and Nirvana.

Directed by Joe Carella and Produced by Split Finger Films, the video for ‘Invisible man’ will transport you in another time and location with a few good head bangs on the road.


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