Watch OK Go’s Mesmerizing New Video, Made With Hundreds Of Printers

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If you’ve never heard about the American rock band OK Go, you should not only check up on Spotify, but you have to watch their videoclips on YouTube because they all are imaginative, delirious and full of craziness. They are famous for that by the way. One example is their last video for the song “Obsession” in which no less than 567 synchronized printers have been used on two front walls in order to create a gigantic color paper fall behind the band. As usual, the fourtet, dressed in white suits to contrast with the colored backdrop, dances and makes an automated choreography. Then they become four flyers suspended by straps who glide above the ground, performing original acrobatic figures in a synchronized display of precision in the air. The innovative video uses stop motion imagery to create the kaleidoscopic and hypnotic animated wall of paper sheets. This new video is promoted by Double A, a paper company, and supported by Greenpeace for the tons of recycled paper involved.

OK Go is familiar with this kind of innovative process since all their videos are made in the same way, focused on the sense of detail and the use of flashy or primary colors.

Ten years ago, Damian Kulash and his band became popular on the Internet with the video for “Here It Goes Again” in which they performed complex gym exercises on treadmills.

The 2010 video for the title “End Love” shows the four members of OK Go, each dressed in color tracksuits, performing a big time-lapse flash mob around Echo Park Lake, in Los Angeles.

To understand their fascination for colors, just take a look at the video for “Skyscrapers” : all the film is based on the Pantone color system. A pair of tango dancers roams in the streets dressed in every exact same color as the paintings of the urban frontages. A clever and delicate work for a smooth song.
Using their taste for advanced DIY artefacts, the video for “This Too Shall Pass” featured a giant domino machine constructed to operate a chain reaction in time with music, in which the members being shot at by paint guns at the song’s finale. It was a very precise kinetic effect that produced a brilliant and impressive visual motion. The quite same process was used on the video for “The Writing’s On The Wall” where they added optical illusions based on a lack of depth perception, only visible from a specific vantage point.

The video for “Needing/Getting” was also a mechanic achievement : the video featured the band driving a car through a rally course, strinking musical instruments with the car to play the melody of the song.

For “White Knuckles”, the one shot video featured the band performing choreographed actions with a dozen dogs on IKEA furnitures.
Last year, they released a music video for “Upside Down & Inside Out” in which the band evolved in a zero gravity environment in an airplane that flew parabolic maneuvers to provide periods of weightlessness. The result is funny and amazing. The making of this real performance can be seen on a Behind The Scenes documentary available on YouTube.

Each OK Go’s video is a technical, artistic and excessive performance, and the last one doesn’t break the rules!
Watch it on YouTube below:


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