Watch Soren Bryce’s Video For Her New Single ‘Cellophane’

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Soren Bryce


When you watch Soren Bryce’s new video for her song ‘Cellophane’, you immediately understand that she has worked to achieve a very peculiar aesthetic, while her music could partially bring in mind Lana Del Rey with lyrics sang with a quirkier voice landing between Lorde and Madeleine Peyroux.

Soren is a singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist based in Brooklyn and ‘Cellophane’ is her first single off her upcoming album, ‘Discussions With Myself’, which will be released next year, via Washington Square Music.

There is something very modern about her sonic approach, part discreet chilling beats, part sensual synth lines, sprawling behind her clear vocals, before  expanding into a wide screen dreamscape, with hooks and lush layers of sounds. While the lyrics draw parallels between love and addiction, her song is more about a certain ambiance than just hooks.

‘Discussions With Myself’ will be the follow up to the young songwriter’s self-titled EP that she released in 2015. She has already received rave reviews from NPR, Billboard, BULLET, Baeble and more, and she has described her sonic evolution in an interview: ‘I used to make music in a way that was more folk-influenced, where I’d sit in my bedroom and play guitar and write like I was writing in my diary. But for this record I got so much more into production, and started approaching the songs by thinking about things like rhythm and composition first, and then creating from there.’

She has been working with producer Justyn Pilbrow (Halsey, The Knocks, The Neighbourhood) and her lyrics reveals the literary origins of her songwriting: ‘When I was kid I was always into short stories and narratives, and one day someone told me I should try writing a song, And then once I started writing, I never really stopped.’ She explained.

Originally from Texas, she relocated to Los Angeles in her teens, and since the release of her EP, she has been in high demand and has collaborated with many artists for songs including ‘Sleep Alone’ by Black Coast (a 2016 single that has now amassed over a million streams on Spotify), and ‘Nobody Knows’ by mansionz. At the very young age of 20 Soren Bryce is emerging as a new artist to watch, listen to her song ‘Cellophane’ (and watch the video) below.


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