Watch St. Vincent’s Colorful Video For ‘Los Ageless’

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St. Vincent


This new song by Saint Vincent is an electro-synth pop song with a cold industrial vibe and a catchy chorus, evolving inside a rainbow of Pantone Technicolor explosion. The video, directed by Willo Perron, could almost be a commercial for a brand of nail polish or the new iPhone ad in a fancy magazine.

The aesthetics are remarkable, right between the Ken doll look of David Byrne’s ‘Feelings’ and the plastic surgery scene in Terry Gilliam’s ‘Brazil’, while Annie Clark has dropped her frizzy look for a slick hairdo of a 60s housewife with impeccable red heels, endlessly getting pampered from head to toes….

The look of the video is so fascinating, and Clark looks so good while trying to eat jelly-moving sushi, that you can easily forget about the song whose title is an obvious (probably too obvious) play of words on the city of Angels, while the lyrics make a mockery of Hollywood too-easy-to spot clichés, such as absence of seasons, search for eternal youth, and obsession about beauty and physical perfection at a sushi bar or a beauty salon.

The song, released on September 6th, is the fifth track on St.Vincent’s ‘MASSEDUCTION’ album and is perceived as the antithesis of the other song featured on the album, ‘New York’, which sounds much more melancholic like the LCD Soundsystem’s song which carries the same title. So I presume we have another East coast-West coast rivalry, although both songs are about heartbreaks, ‘How can anybody have you and lose you/And not lose their minds, too?’ she sings in ‘Los Ageless’,… ‘ New York isn’t New York/Without you, love’, she sings in ‘New York’. This is losing your love in a bicoastal way, it’s artsy but very accessible and these colors wrap the song like a multi-flavored tart candy.

‘MASSEDUCTION’ comes out on October 13th via Loma Vista Recordings, St. Vincent will perform on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on October 4th, and will kick off her Fear the Future Tour by a special performance at Paramount Pictures Studios in Los Angeles, as part of the Red Bull Music Academy Festival, on October 7th.




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