Watch This Estonian Band Winny Puhh's Video At Your Own Risk!

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If you aren’t from Europe, you probably have no idea what the Eurovision is, and you aren’t missing much! Let’s just say it could be the ancestor of all these popular song contests, held among many European countries each year. Each country has to submit a candidate (singer or band), who performs on live TV, and then it is able to vote for the most popular song. This is the competition that launched ABBA’s career after they won in 1974, and also gave us some of the worst music in the world,… Celine Dion won the Eurovision in 1988. Beside these notable exceptions, most of the winners are usually forgotten very fast.


It’s such an old and tacky institution, nobody I know is ever paying attention to it, but apparently it’s still going on after all these years, and this weirdo Estonian band is in competition this year. It would be really cool if Winny Puhh – that’s their name – would win, but you have to watch the video below to realize what these guys are up to,… mid wolfmen, mid Mexican wrestlers, their aggressive tourniquet punk rock sung with a high-pitch barking is one of the most bizarre performances I have ever seen. It’s very theatrical, very ridiculous, a bit ‘penis riot’,… with some acrobatics inspired by the Cirque du Soleil going amateur, and they may have every chance to succeed in America


Apparently this video for their song ‘Meiecundimees üks Korsakov läks eile Lätti’ is going viral on the internet (more than 376,000 views in less than a month!) whereas the band had been quite successful in their country since 1993. In the old times, the Eurovision was some insipid succession of syrupy ballads, when did this happen?


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