Watch Torres’ Sensual Video For ‘Three Futures’

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If I was more familiar with St. Vincent, I had no idea who Torres was before watching her video for ‘Three Futures’, the title track from her new album released on September 29th on 4AD. The two women may share an artsy lesbian ethic, but their styles are very different… there’s basically no hook in Torres’ Three Futures’, a slowcore haunted by the deep and devastating voice of Mackenzie Scott, her real name. She is obviously not looking for catchiness pop but rather for an atmospheric soundscape of lush distortions where she can put in play all her fantasies and spread her legs. The result is troubling, intense and as sensual as it is bleak.

In the video, Torres is a multi-facetted woman, even pleasuring herself at the end of the clip, while we are actually looking at three women, a scene which brings the spookiness of great cinema, while she sings with a slight malaise, ‘You didn’t know I saw three futures; / One alone, and one with you / And one with the love I knew I’d choose.’

With a sight that could kill you and a sound actually very hard to describe, although she manages to sound heavy without being loud, Torres is probably already the darling of all the Pitchfork-types,… after all she recorded her album in England with longtime PJ Harvey producer Rob Ellis. But a slow burn that intense, which manages to bring up steam in the most static ambiance, cannot stay unnoticed.

Torres is on tour, check her dates here.



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