Watch What Could Be Rilo Kiley's Last Video Ever?

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For a band that isn’t officially a band anymore, they are very much active! Rilo Kiley released an official video for ‘Let Me Back In’, their love song to Los Angeles, which they also performed live as 'I Love LA’.


The video is made of footage of the band on tour, and for you all, Jenny Lewis lovers, there is plenty of her with her different hairdos over the years,… I bet all fans are gonna cry when watching it, as if the gentle music and Jenny’s emotional croon weren’t enough already, now we have these images of California and Los Angeles which seem to carry a heavy load of melancholy.


If you remember, the band had requested fans to participate into the making of the video, asking them to upload band footage, personal Rilo Kiley video clip, and there is no doubt some of them were incorporated into the final result. When watching this, you have to wonder why they had to quit, they seemed to have such a great time during all this backstage footage.


The song is the lead track of Rilo Kiley’s archival compilation ‘rkives’ set to be released on April 2nd via Little Record Company, but meanwhile, watch this super nostalgic video:


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