Wavves' Strange New Video For 'Demon To Lean On'

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Wavves has a new single and a new video via Noisey, and it looks like a short movie, just as many videos do these days. In ‘Demon to Lean on’, a little boy is left in his dad’s car, which is towed away and ends up in a junkyard… and this turns into a sort of Mad Max post apocalyptic world where a lost tribe of kids, led by Wavves, try to survive, before  beating the hell out of each other.


The music has the usual fuzzy Wavves guitars and plenty of that Nathan Williams’ I-am-bored-with-life voice that can be really wearisome after a while. Despite a few louder episodes, the tune doesn’t venture very far from its start, actually, the whole song didn’t strike me as something I would like to hear each morning, as there was too much of this redundant dragging nagging syllable at each line, but let’s say it has potential to grow on you. Anyway, not that much king of the beach, rather king of the dump, but you have to wonder if it’s a good thing.


Wavves are about to release a fourth studio album entitled  ‘Afraid of Heights’ on March 26th


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