"We Bought A Zoo" Reviewed (More Or Less)

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When a feel good movie about second chances lead character is named Benjamin Mee, there is only one of two possibilities.

1. The screenwriter is a putz.

2. It is based upon a true story.

Here you can go with # 2.

"We Bought A Zoo" is about how recently widowed Matt Damon and his two kids, bratty fucked up 14 year old son and so sweet you wanna feed her to the bears seven year old daughter, buy a zoo.

Now, when you and I buy a zoo, we end up up to our ears in bear dung, when Matt Damon buys a zoo, he ends up with Scarlett Johanssen as his second in command. Both of the catch phrases, the "show me the moneys" are lame. "Why not" -which has the lamest pay off in the world,  and "20 seconds of courage" which isn't much better although the scene where the 14 year old son tells Elle Fanning was my fave in the movie.

This is a Cameron Crowe movie so it is sweet, optimistic, cheerful with a happy ending for all. And I thoroughly enjoyed it, without taking it very seriously at all. It is also the definition of slight. Crowe,who got unstuck trying to get a Marvin Gaye biopic off the ground. The result is "WBAZ" feels somewhat slight and offhand, but still, a very charming movie.

The score by Jonsi of Sigur Ros fame is a beauty, especially  the song "Boy Lillikoi" -just a haunting complement to the movies tamed glory. The songs were a somewhat typical Crow the aging former rock critic playlist. "Do It Clean" heard through a window at a party was good, but did we really, really need "Cinnamon Girl" or "Buckets Of Rain"?

Movie: B+

Score: A-

Soundtrack: B


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